From Cult Gym to Global Brand: Gotham NYC

From Cult Gym to Global Brand: Gotham NYC

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hugh Jackman, Irina Shayk and Cara Delevingne are just some of the celebrities who make Gotham Gym their second home when in New York City. As Maxim puts it, ‘scrolling through Gotham Gym’s Instagram is like flipping through a sweatier version of Vogue’. To put it shortly, this is the place to be seen sweating in NYC.

The gym established itself at the top of the pile through its three basic principles: strength, speed and focus. Training at Gotham is hard-core, just like its owner, Rob Piela. Rob’s been in the fitness arena for over 20 years, training everyone from celebrities to construction workers. With his cult following and celebrity clientele, Rob decided it was time to give back. And who better to give back to than kids?

With fitness, wellness and personal development at the center of Rob Piela and Gotham Gym’s core values, the Give A Kid A Dream foundation seemed like a perfect fit. This charity provides kids from disadvantaged backgrounds both mentorship and a place to develop both physically and mentally through the sport of boxing. It gives kids something to hold onto and work towards in tough times. Something to motivate them to be the best they possibly can.

The next step for Rob was to set about researching how he could support the cause further.  He had one main challenge: how could he use Gotham’s cult social following to awareness and financial support? He had the Gotham brand, the gym, the clientele, and a lovely little shop selling ‘Gotham Gear’ (hoodies), but zero ability to easily sell his merchandise on a global basis. Surely he could find a way to use his Instagram following and A-list rolodex for a good cause…

That’s where we stepped in. Thanks to KITE technology, Rob was able to create a Gotham online store within a number of days. Thanks to KITE he quickly created a store where followers worldwide could purchase Gotham merchandise. Rob now sells direct to over 15 countries. The KITE platform was quick and free to integrate and all profits raised through Gotham’s store go directly to the Give A Kid A Dream foundation.

Using his influence for a meaningful cause, Rob posts regular photos of his A-list clientele wearing ‘Gotham Gear’ on his Instagram account, to fuel sales and increase donations to Gleason’s Gym’s foundation. So far, Gotham Gym have sold 100’s of hoodies raising valuable donations for a worthy cause. The hoodies enjoyed by people worldwide, and even more so for their charitable cause.

"I am really happy to be working with KITE. Gotham has become a global boxing brand thanks to the amazing community and family that trains here. Many of our members have a global fan base and Gotham has become a internationally recognized gym. We weren't able however to engage with our global audience until integrating with Kite. Not only was the experience easy to set up, we have now been able to deliver the Gotham experience to over 26 countries worldwide in a very short period of time."

Rob Piela

This is just the beginning. So pleased with the early results, Rob and his team are all set to roll out personalised phone cases, tablet cases, water bottles and other personalized Gotham accessories, all fulfilled by KITE, in the very near future.

It’s a pleasure to play a part in this charitable cause. If you’d like to integrate or turn your brand into a store, please get in touch with the team.  

About KITE:

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